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Being Pro-Active

Yesterday I spent two hours inside the Houses of Parliament and it was an eye opener. A plumber is employed to fix a leek, a dentist fixes your teeth and a doctor cures the sick, but what credentials does a Health Minister need to be a Health Minister?

Just go to a University and study as a barrister and be a private secretary to the prior Health Minister that’s all. From there you surround yourself with experienced individuals in their chosen field as advisers  With the guidance of these individuals in the background decisions are made. Or at least that’s how I understand it, but I’m open to corrections.

For 30 minutes in a committee room I listened intently as our health minister was quizzed on breast cancer risks, awareness and early detection in the over 70’s. For each question asked her reply at the end was others in that field would have a better reply because she did not want to say something that was incorrect, but if she had experience or interest in the medical field it would have shown in her replies.

The next hour and a half with the other three other guest speakers were no better. To sum the day up there is room for improvements across the board for treatment, awareness and general care, but surely they already know this? And when will we see these improvements? Well maybe next year or the year after.

I actually now understand why the NHS is in a mess.

House of Parliament Toilets.