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Kilt and norwegian pullover for the terrace

That is the Stylepark's original title of the story behind the new special edition D.D.C. (Dedon Dress Code):
"the Dedon Dress Code takes its inspiration from specific ideas and styles in the fashion business. Here, traditional Scottish tartan "Edinburgh" not only stands for the culture of the highlands but also for the type of genre-crossing elevated to a principle in the London of the punk era by such icons as the Sex Pistols and Vivienne Westwood. "Cambon", on the other hand, transfers the 1950s New Look with its characteristic hound's tooth checks to large-format furniture decors. In fashion and interior design (in the Vorwerk collection "Inspiration") and even in automobile design (for example, in the Kia Soul) ironically enlarged hound's tooth patterns are currently in evidence relatively often. "Marseille" - a textile with brilliant blue stripes references the sailor look so often in vogue on the French Riviera and thus, simultaneously, articulates the kind of landscapes of longing where the idea of an "outdoor living room" seems particularly plausible. "Oslo", a somewhat smaller-scale design, is meant, so the press release would have us believe, to personify "the untamed wilderness and harshness" of the Scandinavian landscape. The idea for this came from the Norwegian pullover."

- you see, another evidence of the connection between interior design and fashion! These new outdoor collections are going to be launched next week at the Milan Furniture Fair.
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