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-Toxic Design

The Austrian manufacturer TEAM 7 is certified as an ecological responsible
manufacturer. Their philosophy of environmental responsibility has made TEAM 7
the most successful and reliable manufacturer of eco-friendly "green design" in
the world.
The hardwood TEAM 7 uses comes from managed, reforested areas in
Europe. TEAM 7 uses neither tropical woods nor woods from the rainforest, in
accordance with the International Protection of Species Act. Wood is a renewable
resource, but not infinitely so - only responsibly managed harvesting and
controlled re-forestation can guarantee the right balance in the eco-system.
All products that are used in the TEAM 7 production process must be known
not to cause cancer or any other health risks, and must have very low VOC
emissions, because high VOC levels (depending on the substance) are related to
problems like eye or skin irritations, respiratory problems, reproductive
disorder, cancer as well as lower work productivity. To protect indoor air
quality and the people who live or work in these environments - especially
children who have asthma or other respiratory illnesses - it is of the utmost
importance to use only materials with very low VOC emissions!
exclusively uses a non-toxic wood finish of natural oils and waxes. Because no
stains, varnishes or lacquers are used on the natural hardwood, the furniture
has very low VOC emissions and does not off-gas any toxic chemicals.
Furthermore, no particle or MDF boards are used, because they are also a
possible source for harmful chemical off-gassing. TEAM 7 also does not use any
PVC plastic.
We think it makes sense to use the same thoughtfulness, that
makes us choose organic produce over conventionally grown food, change to
compact fluorescent light bulbs, recycle, save water and so on, with regard to
our indoor environment.